RECIPE 2 – CREAMED HONEY BLACKBERRY COULIS is the perfect accompaniment to any chocolate dessert.

INGREDIENTS: ½ Tbs fat (olive oil, butter, your preference) / 1 small box of ripe blackberries / 3 Tbs Sourwood or Clover Artisan Creamed Honey

DIRECTIONS: Place a sauté pan over a medium heat source with ½ tbs olive oil or butter. Pour in a small box of ripe blackberries and let them cook down for about 5 min. Move the pan constantly and lift it from heat every 60 seconds to make sure your berries don’t burn. Mix in 3 tbs of creamed honey with the berry juice. Remove from heat, pour the mixture into a blender; puree berries into a sauce. Pour small portions of the sauce through a fine mesh strainer; then use a rubber spatula to push the remaining sauce through the mesh without pushing the seeds through. Once strained, cool, and serve chilled. Prep: 6 minutes / Cook: 10 minutes / Total: 20 minutes

SOURCE:  Mattie Goldberg, Private Chef, Austin, Texas

BEE FACT 2 – Bees have a strong positive charge that creates static electricity, it is this electricity that causes pollen toBeeHairs cling to the hair on their bodies. Here’s the wild part, flowers also emit an electrical charge that is depleted by the bee when she drinks nectar. When the next bee flies above the flower, she can tell that the flower has been visited recently and will move on to a flower with a stronger charge.


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