queen beeFACT 18 – QUEEN BEE PIPING The royal advantage starts with a diet of Royal Jelly that enables a queen to develop into the largest bee in the colony in the least number of days. On day 15-16 a queen bee chews a circular hole at the base in her peanut shaped cell; she emerges from the trap door with a singular seek and destroy mission. She slashes open other potential queen bee pupae with her stinger and calls them to battle with her piping; the piping cry has been recorded as a G#.

A virgin queen may frequently pipe before she emerges from her cell and for a brief time afterwards. Mated queens may briefly pipe after returning to their hive or being released in a new hive.

Piping is the most common queen cry, but is not the only sound emitted by the queens. Fully developed virgin queens communicate through vibratory signals: “quacking” from virgin queens can be heard while they are still in their queen cells and “tooting” from queens who roam freely among their colony. All queen sounds are collectively referred to as “piping”.

RECIPE 18 – CURRY HONEY SAUCE for a savory pairing with roasted sweet potatoes

INGREDIENTS: 1/3 cup mayonnaise / ½ cup Greek yogurt / 1 tbsp fresh lime juice / 1 tbsp honey / 4 tsp curry powder / lime wedges for serving

DIRECTIONS: In a mixing bowl whisk mayo, yogurt, lime juice, honey, curry, salt and pepper.

SOURCE: Nov. 9, 2012 Sweet Potato Oven Fries with Curry Honey Sauce


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