FACT 23- EXPOSED TENNESSEE HIVE    Rarely, swarms may initiate comb construction in the open if a suitable cavity Paris. Tenncannot be found. A gentleman came to my honey booth in September, 2014. We got to talking about bees and he shared this image taken on his farm in Paris, Tennessee.  The object in the beekeeper’s hands is a natural Honey Bee hive that was found hanging from a tree limb. The man in the image works for him and help to cut the hive down to place it into a box hive.

A hive of this scale out in the open is highly unusual for Tennessee; we may assume circumstance were ideal for several months. (1) Initially, the swarm could not find a suitable hive or cavity in a tree or rock formation, so they clustered in tree branches. (2) The queen was healthy and the swarm was very large. (3) The natural hive was suitably protected from stormy weather and temperatures averaged at or above 95*F. (4) No infestation of Varroa mites or Small Hive Beetles. These are some happy bees.

RECIPE 23 – WARM MILK and HONEY – Can’t wait to try this one.Honey and milk

INGREDIENTS – 1 cup milk, 1 tsp honey, 2 drops vanilla extract, 1 pinch ground cinnamon

DIRECTIONS – Pour milk into a saucepan. Heat until the milk is very hot and begins to foam. Stir in honey and vanilla, and then sprinkle with cinnamon before serving.

SOURCE: Pinterest pinned by Western Sage and KB Honey (aka Kidd Bros)


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