Welcome to the hive!

CAROL HAGEN is the proprietor of Queen Bee Pollinators, purveyor of Tennessee Artisan Creamed Honey and the Nashville Farmers Market representative for Strange Honey Farm in Del Rio, Tennessee.  We are pleased to partner in our efforts to bring pure raw honey and pollen from naturally managed mountain bee hives to the Nashville public and area chefs. YOU and our honeybees benefit from a pristine environment and dedicated beekeepers.

OUR PURE, RAW HONEY  is lightly filtered so the naturally occurring pollen remains  a significant feature of this local honey.  Located in Del Rio, Strange Honey Farm is 240 miles north-east of Nashville. 2000 bee hives are in apiaries nestled in the foothills of forests and on farmland adjacent to the Tennessee Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park  alongside the French Broad River. This pristine environment provides a bee heaven resulting in a beekeepers dream come true:  healthy bees and an abundance of honey that is uniquely flavorful.

EVIDENCE OF NATURAL BEEKEEPING…  On September 22, 2015, Gary Strange, the master beekeeper of Strange Honey Farm, announced the 2015 fall honey crop would be left for the winter bees. Our healthy hives produced an amazing spring and summer harvest, so now we have ample honey to sell and the fall crop of honey will carry the bees through the winter.

MORE RECENT EVIDENCE…  In July, 2016, all the hard work and investment culminated into an exciting fact:  the Strange Honey Farm is experiencing the healthiest honey bees since making the transition to natural beekeeping 17 years ago.  Beekeeper Gary Strange and his family are harvesting the largest crop of honey since starting their apiary 20 years ago.
This is natural beekeeping working just right.
All content copyrighted by Queen Bee Pollinators –  queenbeepollinators@gmail.com



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